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Hatfield History Books and Booklets

History of Hatfield
by David K. Allebach
This is a reprint of Allebach's 1944 softcover history book. It was reprinted in 1976 in its original style. This book gives brief histories on Hatfield Township, its roads, the railroad,  the trolley, Post Office, schools, churches, and detailed ownership records of almost every residence in the Township and Borough in 1944. These are "new" books!
Price: $10.00 (By mail, add $2.00 postage)

Update 1976, Hatfield History
Edward H. Bonekemper, II, Editor & Publisher
This 576 page hardcover book contains a wealth of information on Hatfield Township & Hatfield Borough. It contains detailed histories of Hatfield's schools, churches, organizations, businesses, Police Departments, Fire Companys, and much, much more. Also included are nearly 500 biographies and obituaries of Hatfield citizens. A "must have" for every local history enthusiast.
Price: $10.00 (By mail, add $4.00 postage)

Hatfield Township
Through the Eyes of Time

by Phil Johnson Ruth
This 110 page hardcover book, printed in 1992 as part of the Township's 250th Anniversary celebration, is filled with old photographs of life in Hatfield Township and Hatfield Borough. Brief descriptions accompany the photos.  
There are a very limited number of these new books available! Get one while they last!
Price: $30.00 (By mail, add $5.00 postage)

History of Hatfield Borough 1898 - 1998
by Hatfield Museum & History Society
This 194 page hardcover book, printed in 1998 as part of the Borough's 100th Anniversary celebration, contains detailed histories of Borough officials, water, sewer, and electric companies, the train & trolley system, inns and taverns, the Hatfield Post Office, Hatfield Borough churches, Hatfield Fire Co., Hatfield Borough Police Department, Borough businesses - past & present, Borough organizations, and obituaries of many of Hatfield prominent citizens.  
Price: Sorry - This book was printed as a very limited edition (only 100 copies made). Pre-owned copies rarely become available. If you are interested in a copy, send us an email and we will put you on our "reserve" list, and contact you if a pre-owned copy becomes available.

Walking Tour of Hatfield Borough
by Lawrence G. Stevens
This self-guided walking tour book highlights many of the buildings & sites that are part of Hatfield Borough’s rich history.  It features 39 different locations and includes brief descriptions for each site that give the reader a small glimpse into the history of some of the people, businesses, and churches that have made Hatfield Borough into the community that we know today. Also included are 15 old photographs of Borough buildings.  
Price: $10.00 (By mail, add $1.00 postage)

The Hatfield Horror
The Story of the Great Hatfield Train Wreck of 1900

by Lawrence G. Stevens
At the September 2011 Hatfield Museum & History Society Community Program, "The Hatfield Horror" - The Story of the Great Hatfield Train Wreck of 1900" was presented. This fascinating program told the tragic tale of how an Atlantic City bound excursion train plowed full speed into a milk train stopped at the Hatfield station. At least fourteen people were killed and over ninety injured in this terrible Labor Day Weekend crash. The 114 page book includes the text from the program, presented by Society President, Larry Stevens, and a collection of newspaper articles from 1900 reporting on the wreck.
Price: $20.00 (By mail, add $3.00 postage)

The Hatfield Museum & History Society
20th Anniversary Collection

by Hatfield Museum & History Society
Since 1991, in its efforts to “illuminate the past” and keep Hatfield history alive, the Hatfield Museum & History Society has reprinted in its newsletters many newspaper articles, history book excerpts, and personal memories of Hatfield old-timers. This 96 page book was produced in 2012 for the Society's 20th anniversary and is a compilation of all of those articles.
Price: $20.00 (By mail, add $3.00 postage)

Holiday Homicide
The Murder of Janice Decker
by Lawrence G. Stevens
The bizarre true story of the grizzly murder of a young Hatfield Borough mother, two days after Christmas. On the morning of December 25, 1960, Bill and Janice Decker celebrated Christmas together with their 2 1/2-year-old son, Billy, in the living room of their modest home in Hatfield Borough. Hatfield Borough was a quiet, peaceful, small town, with only one traffic light and a population of just under 2000 people. Bill and Janice were living the American Dream - they both had good jobs, a nice house, and two cars. That Christmas morning, Bill and Janice enjoyed helping young Billy with opening his presents and exchanging gifts with each other. Bill gave Janice a camera. As they took family pictures with the new camera in front of their Christmas tree, joyfully lit with colorful lights and sparkling with stands of silver tinsel, Janice Decker had no way of knowing that she had less then 48 hours to live.
Price: $10.00 (By mail, add $1.00 postage)

Historic Homes of Hatfield
by Larry Stevens
Based on a Community Program presented in 2017, this 14 page booklet tells the locations of 52 of Hatfield’s oldest homes, all over 160 years old, and some over 250 years old! Price: $5 includes postage.

Hatfield Borough's Founding Fathers
by Larry Stevens
Read all about the men who were instrumental in the forming of Hatfield Borough and who had very important roles in the early years of the town. This 19 page booklet is based on a Community Program presented in 2017.  Price: $5 includes postage.

The Wright Conspiracy
by Larry Stevens
This is the story of how Jonathan, Abijah, and John Wright, British loyalists living in Hatfield Townhip, conspired to capture and kill another Hatfield resident, Col. Jacob Reed, of the Continental Army.  This 14 page booklet is based on a Community Program presented in 2018.
Price: $5 includes postage.

Faith of Our Fathers
by Larry Stevens
A strong faith in God was a common thread that ran between the early settlers of Hatfield, even if they practiced that faith differently. This booklet takes a look at the various denominations practiced by those early settlers who made Hatfield their home, and the places of worship that they established. This 34 page booklet is based on a Community Program presented in 2019.
Price: $10 includes postage.

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