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Visit the Hatfield History Museum!

About the Museum

Visitors of the Hatfield History Museum will enjoy a self-guided tour back in time as they enjoy displays that include a time when the Lenape Indians roamed the land! From the time you step through the front door, you will enjoy displays depicting Hatfield's history from the 1700s to the mid-1900s, including the railroad and trolley line which spurred growth in the area, the businesses that helped build Hatfield, the schoolhouses that taught her children, and the churches where her people worshiped.

There are also currently displays highlighting the Hatfield Speedway, Montgomery County Fair (which was held in Hatfield), and the Hatfield High School. Additional displays can also be found in the museum's basement.

In addition to the displays, hundreds of photographs are continuously displayed on four large- screened TVs in the museum.


Visitors are also welcome to spend time in the "Larry Stevens Research Room". This room has bookcases packed with resources for research, or for just reading and learning about Hatfield's history. There is also a public computer station where additional resources are available. You can even enjoy browsing through the Society's digital photo collection. If you need help finding something, just let us know! (CLICK HERE for a list of Research Room Resources.)

There is also a display of Hatfield history items available for purchase; books & booklets, DVDs, collectibles, and other items. Of course, all proceeds help support the museum!

The entire museum building is climate controlled and the temperature and humidity levels are constantly monitored on all three floors to help preserve our collection. The museum building is protected by a monitored security system, smoke/heat/freeze detectors, and a water detector in the basement. There is also a video surveillance system installed for additional security. Our goal is to protect our collection for future generations to enjoy!  

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